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Latest News From Our Firm:

Brian LaCien Selected for AAJ Board of Governors

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s June 19, 2020 people in the news hails partner Brian LaCien forhis selection to the Association of Justice Board of Governors.

Smith LaCien LLP to Concentrate in Catastrophic Injury, Medical Malpractice

Todd A. Smith and Brian LaCien, two of Chicago’s top trial lawyers, have launched the firm Smith LaCien LLP, concentrating in catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Legal Eagles - Congratulations to Todd A. Smith

Skyline news story on Smith LaCien LLP featuring Todd A. Smith, May 20, 2020 and the launch of the new firm.

Chicago Law Firm Launch: Smith LaCien LLP to Concentrate in Catastrophic Injury, Medical Malpractice

News announcement from the Illinois State Bar Association, May 7, 2020 on the launch of our new firm.

Smith, LaCien Launch Own Firm

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin May 4, 2020 article on our new firm, giving more background on, and interview quotes from, our founding partners. It also explores the firm’s goals and the transition of pending cases,  

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News Archives

Leading Lawyers Profiles Todd A. Smith

Leading Lawyers magazine 2019 in-depth profile feature on our founding partner, Todd Smith, and a perspective on his career as a leader among trial lawyers.

Leadership Named for Sterigenics Suits

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s article from October 29, 2019 including co-lead counsel Todd Smith on a commercial sterilizing company that emitted carcinogens into a local suburban community.

City Settles for $9.5M with Cyclist

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s September 19, 2019 story on a cyclist who suffered traumatic brain injury after an accident due to a poorly maintained bike route. 

Pedestrian Hit in Lot to Get $3.5M

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s article from January 30, 2019 on a woman who received a $3.5M settlement for injuries she sustained in a grocery store parking lot. 

Contracted Doctors at Peoria Hospital Keep Liability in Play

An article from January 12, 2018 on overturning the dismissal of a malpractice case, represented by Todd Smith and Brian LaCien.

$702.7M Class Settlement on Air Bags OK'd

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s article from March 1, 2018 on settlement with Honda and Nissan led by co-lead counsel Todd Smith.

$19M Award in Fatal Iowa Truck Crash

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin story on Todd Smith securing $19M for a client who died in a truck crash on the highway.

Brian LaCien Profiled in Emerging Lawyers Magazine

Emerging Lawyers 2016 profile of our partner Brian LaCien and his exceptional performance in personal injury law.

$8.15M Deal in Helicopter Fatality Case

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s article on Todd Smith and Brian LaCien’s setting a state record for a helicopter liability case.

Parties in motorcycle crash settle for $8M

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s  story on settlement for victims of a motorcycle crash represented by Todd Smith and Brian LaCien.

Camp to Pay $4.5M to Settle Family's Lawsuit

An article covering the settlement for a family, represented by Todd Smith and Brian LaCien, whose son drowned at summer camp. 

$18.5M Settlement in Transformers Accident

A Chicago Sun-Times story on a settlement obtained by Todd Smith on behalf of a movie extra who suffered a brain injury on the set of a Transformers movie.

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How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or injured at work and wish to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, Smith LaCien LLP will evaluate your case at no cost to you or your family. We'll help you to determine whether you have a personal injury case to pursue.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

For most personal injury cases, you have two years from the time the accident occurred to file your claimHowever, certain types of cases have a shorter time period so please do not delay in contacting knowledgeable counsel.

How much is my case worth?

Every situation or case is different, so an early suggestion of a specific amount should be viewed with caution.  Depending on the circumstance, general thoughts based upon extensive experience may be possible following initial in-depth discussion. It is impossible to know what kind of settlement to expect before investigating the extent of any injuries sustained, medical costs, lost wages, future expenses, and pain and suffering. It is important that you hire a lawyer who will complete a thorough investigation and who will never advise you to accept a settlement for less than you truly deserve. Each case is unique, so the best way to learn about what compensation you may be entitled to is to call or message us and talk with a lawyer at Smith LaCien LLP

How are attorney fees paid in a personal injury case?

Almost all personal injury attorneys take cases at no charge, collecting their fee as a percentage of any settlement or judgment they obtain for you. If you get nothing from the case, neither does the attorney. Attorneys fees usually are contingent on success and are usually 33 percent. However, individual circumstances in a given case can alter that favorably for the client.